Oct 5, 2015

Behind the Image - 75 State Street, One International Place and Zakim Bridge


I always get super pumped when I discover a new Boston Skyline location. This one was on my bucket list for many years. The evening light on my visit was beautiful and a clear blue sky was predominant. Parking was surprisingly easy and the best photo location to capture my vision of the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge, the Custom House of Boston, One International Place and parts of the TD Bank North Garden in one image was only steps away. I set up tripod and equipped my camera with a Canon 70-200mm and 1.4x tele converter, making it an approximately 420 telezoom lens. Landscape versus Portrait format is one of the first decisions that a photographer must make after finding a suitable location and subject. In this case I both formats worked and I ended up shooting both that night. Once I adjusted my zoom lens to my final composition I battled another challenge; trucks and cars driving past close and fast providing some unwanted camera shake and eventual picture blur. To overcome this obstacle I had to wait a couple of times until no vehicles were flying by and that made the difference for the 2 images that were sharp, crisp and of high quality. As usual the magic of twilight only lasted a few minutes but I ended up with a couple of great images despite the obvious challenges. 

The aperture in these two Boston skyline images was set to f/16 and f/4 combined with an ISO100 setting provided a shutter speed of 1 and 6 seconds respectively. During routine digital post processing I removed dust spots, minimally adjusted lighting, contrast, color saturation before sharpening the final Boston photography images I Got My Red Dress On Tonight and Before Midnight.

Good light and happy photo making!


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