Jan 20, 2017

Boston Nightlight - Latest Skyline Photography from the Hub

Boston skyline night photography
Boston skyline night photography of familiar landmarks
Boston Nightlight was taken from a new location that I recently scouted while driving home from a fun trip to Hunts Photo & Video in Melrose, MA. 

It is always very exiting to explore a new spot that shows Boston from a different angle and in a new light. I haven't seen this view of the Hub online yet but I am sure other photographers have discovered it as well. Equipped with my longest Canon prime lens and a 1.4x telezoom extender I made my way over. The lens was just right and framed this Boston skyline view perfectly. Upon arrival I set up and patiently waited for the magic of twilight to appear. It still amazes me when the short moment of perfect balance between city lights and night light occurs and transforms the urban scenery into a magical picture. 

Aperture was set to f/22 providing a shutter speed of 20 seconds at ISO200. During post processing I followed my routine  work flow where I removed unwanted dust spots, adjusted lighting, color saturation and contrast before sharpening the final image of Boston Nightlight. 

Good light and happy photo making!


Jan 16, 2017

Photographing Pemaquid Point Light at Sunset

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, Maine
Pemaquid Point in Maine

A while back I traveled to  Pemaquid Neck in Maine to visit and to photograph the Pamaquid Point Lighthouse. It is a historic Unites States lighthouse located in Bristol, Lincoln County. This New England lighthouse is a cultural and historical treasure and was added to the National Register of Historic Places as Pemaquid Point Light on 16th of April in 1985. The iconic lighthouse is famous for its dramatic setting at the tip of the Pemaquid Neck where it rises above the pounding surf of the Atlantic Ocean and spectacular rock formations.

Upon arrival I climbed the rocks below the lighthouse and explored many composition. This image was one of the first one I took that evening. I used the rock formations as an interesting foreground element that leads the viewer to the scenic setting of Pemaquid Light. The clouds were painted in beautiful warm colors by the setting sun. I used a split density neutral density filter to overcome the strong contrast between the darker foreground and the bright sunset sky. Metering on the darker rocks and locking the exposure before placing the split ND filter in place allowed for a more balance exposure throughout this iconic New England Scenery.

During post processing I adjusted lighting, contrast, vibrancy and color saturation before removing dust spots and sharpening the final image of Pemaquid Point. 

Good light and happy photo making! 


Jan 9, 2017

An Acadia National Park Sunset Adventure at Jordan Pond and the Bubbles

Jordan Pond and the Bubbles at sunset in Acadia National Park Maine
Jordan Pond and the Bubbles at sunset

Last September we spent a week on Mount Desert Island. I used the opportunity to photograph in some of my favorite spots in Acadia National Park. Jordan Pond is famous for its beautiful views of the Bubbles. The Bubbles consist of the South and the North Bubble, a couple of scenic mountains that make for great photography subjects. Parking is pretty easy since the famous Jordan Tea House is nearby providing plenty of spaces at night. This is popular photography spot and I wasn't on my own. I recall three other photographers and we chatted it up a little bit while waiting for sunset and the magic light to appear. Equipped with a wide-angle zoom lens set at 28 mm and my split graduated neutral density filter in end I started photographing ones the sky turned pink. I had to use the filter because I had to account for the dark foreground and the bright sunset light. Aperture was set at f/22 providing a long exposure of 15 seconds at ISO100. During post-processing I removed undesired dust spots and imperfection. I also  adjusted lighting, brightness, contrast, exposure and color saturation before sharpening the final image Sunset Drama at Jordan Pond and the Bubbles

Good light and happy photo making!


Jan 2, 2017

Outer Cape Race Point Light - A photography adventure almost gone wrong!

A few months back I adventured out to the outer Cape in a quest to capture Race Point Light at dusk and sunset. I parked at Race Point Beach, free after 5 pm as every other National Seashore beach on Cape Cod. From the parking lot I made my way to the beach where I was greeted by a couple of whales in the far distance - incredible start to my journey! I then turned left on the beach and started my 45 minute adventure along the shoreline towards the iconic lighthouse. Upon arrival the late afternoon sun was painting the lighthouse and surrounding dunes in beautiful hues. I ventured throughout the dunes to find the best spot for a pleasing composition and show this Cape Cod lighthouse in its best light. Unfortunately clouds were moving in quick and I could tell by sunset clouds were dominating. The sunset was rather disappointing. As this wasn't disappointing enough, the return trip to Race Point Beach was pretty difficult as it was rather hot and muggy. My feet were hurting from walking barefoot in the sand for a 3 mile round-trip. I gotta say that the Provincetown airport however saved the night as it guided me back through the dark night to the parking lot. A bottle of water that I carried along came in real handy too. I gotta say, I am not quite sure where I would have ended up without both those aids. I definitely learned my lesson and hopefully will think things better through next time around!

Lighthouse photo tips published by Apogee Photo Magazine

Good light and happy photo making!


Dec 31, 2016

Best of 2016 New England Photography - Happy & Healthy New Year!

Intentional Camera-Movement Jesup Path Birch Trees in Maine Acadia National Park. http://juergenroth.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Maine-and-Acadia-National-Park/G0000DectqkOMEv4/I0000C0kq1pUTMgo

Abstract fall foliage reflection at Lake Waban, Wellesley. http://juergenroth.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Scenic-New-England/G00004ZHSvhgR8T4/I0000IPh3Su7KGWo

Early morning workout on the Charles River in Boston. http://juergenroth.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Boston/G00003cWcZlgWzHI/I0000oCv4qGt_uhI

Boston as seen from Piers Park in East Boston. http://juergenroth.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Boston/G00003cWcZlgWzHI/I000029_X5vfRAGg

Blue Hour Boston skyline panorama photo featuring new and familiar landmarks. http://juergenroth.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Boston-Skyline-Panoramas/G0000ZLe2sOFV800/I0000hgzMmwUz8r8

Cape Cod Bay sunset. http://juergenroth.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Massachusetts/G0000uFrJYrQlk.M/I0000TwYiQj7qiNk

Dahlia from the Thuya Garden in Maine. http://juergenroth.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Flowers/G0000DCr8YHs9TZ4/I00008ndQEwvbZ5U

Sunrise at Lake Cochituate in Wayland. http://juergenroth.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Massachusetts/G0000uFrJYrQlk.M/I0000azcT0yV.8Uw

Lake Cochituate fall foliage and sunrise reflection. http://juergenroth.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Scenic-New-England/G00004ZHSvhgR8T4/I0000PW4f4yzGRa0

Backyard leaf macro with rain drop. http://juergenroth.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Massachusetts/G0000uFrJYrQlk.M/I0000TiXSz8KwjcU

Sunset at Somes Pond on Mount Desert Island. http://juergenroth.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Maine-and-Acadia-National-Park/G0000DectqkOMEv4/I0000ECoQNR5srgU

Starry night at Nauset Lighthouse on Cape Cod. http://juergenroth.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Cape-Cod/G0000YgMZTmCQA_U/I0000Of7KvQC9yyw

Sunset across Frenchman Bay with Cadillac Mountain as seen from Schoodic Peninsula. http://juergenroth.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Maine-and-Acadia-National-Park/G0000DectqkOMEv4/I0000j5KaetWyfyE

Steep cliffs on Schoodic Peninsula painted in warm hues at the end of the day. http://juergenroth.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Maine-and-Acadia-National-Park/G0000DectqkOMEv4/I0000R0rPk2MnKSI

Backyard Tiger Liy. http://juergenroth.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Abstract-Flowers/G0000xwJgMChQG_s/I0000U01PH7jICtQ

Thuya Garden in Northeast Harbor, Maine. http://juergenroth.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Maine-and-Acadia-National-Park/G0000DectqkOMEv4/I0000262k198l6t0

Sunrise at Manchester by the Sea on Cape Ann. http://juergenroth.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Massachusetts/G0000uFrJYrQlk.M/I0000P479Q.yASJ4

Great Blue Heron and South Natick Sargent Footbridge in South Natick, Massachusetts. http://juergenroth.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Massachusetts/G0000uFrJYrQlk.M/I0000BwqB_r38F78

Peak autumn colors in Southborough, central Mass. http://juergenroth.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Massachusetts/G0000uFrJYrQlk.M/I0000sX5rm12.bog

Trees surrounded by fall foliage peak colors. http://juergenroth.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Massachusetts/G0000uFrJYrQlk.M/I0000b7hld9CGvuc

Sunset at lake Waban, Wellesley College, MA. http://juergenroth.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Massachusetts/G0000uFrJYrQlk.M/I0000alXlZtRNpbQ

Which one is your favorite? Feel free to share, like and comment - Happy New Year at all!

Good light and happy photo making!


Dec 26, 2016

Blue Hour Boston Panorama Skyline Photography - How, When and Where?

Magical Boston skyline panorama night photography
Boston panorama night photography: f/11, 20 seconds at ISO100

The Boston Charles River skyline always offers plenty of photo opportunities. The Back Bay and Beacon Hill neighborhoods features some of the most prominent Boston landmarks; Prudential Center, new and old John Hancock Tower, Massachusetts State House, Sheraton Hotel to name only a few. The mixture of modern and historic architecture is what I love to photograph the most. In this Boston skyline panorama photography image I stitched multiple photographs to arrive at the final blue hour photo. It represents the latest city view along the Charles River with all its latest architecture additions. The river waters were quiet calm and made for decent reflections of the city lights. At twilight the colors and the city lights are in balance for a few minutes that provide ample lighting and makes for great times to photograph cities.

During my routine digital post processing steps I cleaned the image of unwanted dust spots and image imperfections. Furthermore I adjusted lighting, contrast and color saturation before sharpening the final photo of Blue Hour Boston. This image provides sufficient resolution to be printed very large or be utilized in wall murals - feel free to Contact Me with your project specifics.

Good light and happy photo making!


Dec 22, 2016

Massachusetts Sunrise Photography at Lake Cochituate

Stunning New England nature and landscape photography

Photographing locally is one of my favorite things to do. There are so many photo opportunities at our doorsteps that we sometimes like to overlook. There are plenty of Macro Photography subjects like insects or flowers. There is your local village or if you lucky like me Boston is really close by and provides endless inspiration. There are local parks, sanctuary or lakes that make for great Nature Photography. Taking photos at your door steps provides easy access and keeps travel expenses low. Your photography is not heavily impacted by unfavorable weather conditions as we easily can re-schedule for the next day when conditions are more favorable. In recent weeks I explored the nearby Lake Cochituate in Wayland, MA. I went to a spot that is located right off Route 9 and only a few minutes away from my house. Sunrise was the last time I visited and let me tell you it was a real stunner. Ones the sun surpassed the horizon the tree tops were painted in beautiful hues. The cloud cover added its own drama to the image while the immediately foreground of the lake was covered with fallen leaves. The stillness of the morning made for a great reflection of autumn colors and colorful sky. I used a polarizing filter to boost colors and saturation while overcoming the high contrast between the foreground and brighter sky by placing a split neutral density filter mainly across the sky. During the digital post processing steps I removed unwanted imperfection and dust spots before adjusting lighting, contrast, color saturation and sharpening the final photography image of Massachusetts Sunrise.

Good light and happy photo making!


Dec 20, 2016

Abstract Nature Photography of Dappled Dreams


Finding and photographing abstraction in nature is always very enticing. When I am out and about I often look for various forms, shapes and colors that work naturally within an abstract Nature Photography composition. This autumn I encountered a fall foliage reflection in Lake Waban. The foliage was painted by the early sunset light in warm hues and beautifully reflected in the lake. The lily pads throughout the picture provided some visual anchor and clues for the viewer. Equipped with my Canon 5d Mark IV and a Canon 70-200mm telephoto zoom lens set at 200mm I isolated a small section of the fall foliage reflection. The narrow composition allowed to mainly focus on the red tree foliage reflection while the darker top third of the picture provided some interesting contrast.

During post processing I removed unwanted dust spots and image imperfection before making minor adjustments to lighting, contrast, vibrancy and color saturation. The final step involved sharpening the final image of Dappled Dreams.

Good light and happy photo making!