Dec 1, 2015

15 Ways to Display Fine Art Photography in your Home

Fine art photography makes for great wall art decor. The artwork you select makes your interior more interesting and personal. In this post I compiled 15 tips on ways to display photo artwork in its best way - Enjoy!

1. Ensure the photography art fits the room and decor.

2. Create depth and perspective with decorative items in front of your hanging artwork.
3. Consider the Power of Photography and how it awakes emotions and feelings.

4. Consider the impact of the photograph's quality, its framing and placement in your home.

5. Place the focal point of the photo art near or at eye-level.

6. Relate the size of the framed fine art print to the wall size and furniture size.

7. Select Photography Art that compliments the colors of your  room in tones and hues.

8. Make a photography artwork the focal point of a room.

9. Consider appropriate lighting for you artwork.

10. Consider the best framing for your photography pictures as framing can change the look and feel of your artwork enormously.

11. Create a Harmonious Interior by carefully matching your photography fine art piece to furniture, furnishing, color and light.

12. Create a modern style and simple feel of decoration by using an even number of framed prints in same sizes and frames.

13. Hang multiple pieces on one wall in odd numbers and colors to be more visually interesting and dynamic.

14. Provide sufficient space around your artworks when hanging multiple piece on one wall so the photo art has room to breathe and isn't a cluttered compilation.

15. Hang Fine Art Photography that excites, feels right to you and that you love.

Good light and happy photo making!