Nov 25, 2013

12 Photo Tips for Better Bridge Photography Pictures

Bridge photography is a popular subject for travel photographers and local photo artists alike.  Bridges are relatively easy to photograph as they are a still motif; however attention should be brought to lighting, composition and exposure times. This photo blog post compiles 12 photo tips to consider when photographing bridges:

Photo Tip #1: Use your tripod maximizing image quality and eliminating blurry pictures.

Photo Tip #2: Photograph in aperture priority mode or manual mode using small apertures (large f-stop numbers like f/11 and higher) for sufficient Depth of Field.

Photo Tip #3: Shoot at low ISO settings like ISO100 and below Minimizing Digital Noise in your images.

Photo Tip #4: Use your cable release, remote release or camera self timer to avoid camera shake when releasing the shutter. In addition consider using the mirror lock up feature on your camera.

Photo Tip #5: Saturate colors and eliminate unwanted glare by utilizing a Polarizing Filter.

Photo Tip #6: Overcome high contrast between the bridge and bright skies by using a Split Neutral Density Filter.

Photo Tip #7: Extend exposure times to multiple seconds or even minutes to create stunning Silky Water Effects by using a Big Stopper or Variable ND Filter.

Photo Tip #8: Choose a wide-angle lens for wide panoramic views that include the imposing bridge architecture. Experiment with long lenses capturing more intimate compositions of the bridge structure.

Photo Tip #9: Plan for windless days or be patient and ready when the moment of silence water occurs to photograph a colorful reflection of a bridge. 

Photo Tip #10: Incorporate reflections in still pools or calm waters or other foreground features like rocks and boulders to add more interest to the composition.

Photo Tip #11: Create magnificent Skyline Photography images by utilizing architectural marvels like bridges to lead a viewer into the composition.

Photo Tip #12: Last but not least enjoy the ride and have fun on your Photo Adventures!

Good light and happy photo making! Juergen
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