Nov 12, 2013

Tuesday Behind the Image - Boston Faneuil Hall

Boston Faneuil Hall is very popular with locals and tourists alike. There are many outdoor artists, food stalls, restaurants and shopping areas around the area including Quincy Market. In summer 2013 I decided to capture the buzzing location and translate the excitement of this area into a meaningful photograph. Scouting the area for various perspectives of the historic building was a key part of this assignment. I finally found an elevated spot not far from Government Center. The location provided a beautiful view of the building with the night crowd in front applauding street artists and enjoying finger food. Knowing that there is a short window of opportunity when the twilight paints the sky beautifully in blue hues while the city lights come alive I arrived 30 minutes before sunset to provide for sufficient time to set up and compose an attractive image. Eliminating cars from the picture composition in the foreground was the trickiest part but once I straightened that out it was business as usual. Equipped with a Canon 24-70mm on a tripod I captured the cityscape scenery at its peak. ISO100 at an aperture of f/13 provided an exposure time of 20 seconds. The long exposure allowed for people to appear as ghost-like creatures or eliminate them totally from the frame. 
During post processing I removed dust spots before minimally adjusting contrast, lighting and color saturation. At last I sharpened the image to arrive at the final Boston skyline picture of Faneuil Hall. 
Good light and happy photo making! Happy Day,


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