Nov 27, 2013

Boston Skyline Panorama Photography

Last year I explored many photo locations to photograph the Boston skyline. East Boston offers one of the best and magnificent views. It provides ample lighting at sunrise or sunset and has become one of my most favorite city skyline locations. A couple of weeks back I translated the view into a beautiful Boston Panorama Photography image. I had this image in mind for quite some time but never really exploited it. The tricky part of shooting the Bean Town nightscape from this photo spot is not to blow out the well-lit Custom House of Boston. I therefore captured the images in manual mode, metering on the tower before taking the 7 pictures. I used the camera exposure compensation feature to underexpose a little thereby further enhancing the blue colors of the clock. By overlapping each shot at 30 to 50% with the previous one I made sure photoshop could stitch the entire cityscape image that I envisioned. During post processing I removed dust spots, adjusted lighting to bring out the red of the financial district office buildings, adjusted contrast and color saturation before cropping the final Boston skyline panorama image and sharpening. Stay tuned for More Panoramas

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