Dec 10, 2012

Marketing Tips for Selling Photography and Art Online

Selling art online is no picnic. Online marketing and selling takes a serious time commitment and lots of self discipline to build into an already busy daily life. However, an online presence, selling art online and offline, and marketing art online present endless opportunities for valuable exposure and additional sales income. Some tips that worked for me:

Tip #1: Devote certain times of the day to Online Marketing. During this time you interact and communicate with your followers. Organization and time management skills are crucial. Try planning your daily, weekly, monthly routine in advance and maintaining a check list. A good old "to do" check list works wonder: check and respond to emails in the morning, lunchtime, and/or evening, write a blog post, two or three depending on your inspiration, market and share new/old pictures, blog posts, and announcements with your online audience, respond to comments, questions and interact online with others.

Tip #2: Do not get sidetracked by internet temptations wasting your precious time online. Reserve a good amount of time for creating new art and photography. There is no better marketing than creating new artwork and sharing them with your audience, followers and fans.

Tip #3: Enhance your brand recognition by consistently creating excellent Photography Artwork and strong pieces to show off online and offline, e.g. compelling compositions and well executed technique. If you create artwork that is close to your heart and that you like most likely others will do.

Tip #4: Make a local mark first and search for local ArtFairs, Galleries or Group Shows that fit your artwork. Once successful, you may be able to emerge nationally or internationally. Share your successes in well written blog posts, online press releases, announcements and in a Newsletter.

Tip #5: Be professional and present your artwork in the best possible way. Build a professional web presence that matters; a professional looking Web Presence with beautiful artwork organized in easy to navigate galleries will go a long way.

Tip #6: Maintain and increase your website traffic since it directly relates to exposure and sales. Drive traffic to your online galleries by using free marketing tools like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or StumbleUpon. Post links to your exhibitions, news, galleries, pictures, events, or blog.

Tip #7: Connect with other artists, collectors, buyers and admires through Online Social Networking.

Tip #8: Write a regular Art Blog where you discuss your techniques, what inspires you, the background of your latest piece or what you are working on.

Tip #9: Be patient because it takes a lot of hard work and plenty of hours to get your work shown, bought, and collected.

Tip #10: Finally, have a good time and enjoy the journey!