Oct 9, 2016

How to Glue a Viewer to a Photo and Keeping him/her Interested


Morning fog is a common ingredient in photography when Visiting Acadia National Park (Part 1) in summer. It usually burns off within the first hours of the day and adds great atmosphere to your seascape photography. On one of my visits to Northeast Harbor fog provided a quiet backdrop to this picturesque New England harbor. I composed this image by visually connecting three objects: fishing boat, sail boat and boats and pier in the background. The viewers attention is naturally drawn to the color accent of the moored lobster boat, buoys and fishing equipment in the foreground. It provides the anker where the eye of the viewer returns after exploring the picture. The pier in the foreground provides a leading line that is inviting to the art lover's eye and leads him/her to the sail boat. From here the eye wonders across to the additional boats and the second pier to further examine the Photo Print. Ones a viewer completes the viewing of the background in the photograph, it returns to its starting point where there is enough detail and color that keeps the admirer interested.        

Good light and happy photo making!