Aug 24, 2014

15+ Boston Historic Landmark Photography Images
Boston Charles River Skyline with John Hancock Tower and The Pru
Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown
USS Constitution in Charlestown
Boston Tea Party
Acorn Street in Beacon Hill
The First Church of Christ in the Back Bay
Boston Fenway Park
Old State House and Custom House of Boston
Quincy Market
JFK Presidential Library in Dorchester
The Lenox Hotel, Old and New John Hancock Building
Prudential Center on the Night the Boston Red Sox clinch the 2013 World Championship
Clock Tower, One International Place and Zakim Bridge
Faneuil Hall Marketplace
Jon Lester having a No-Hitter at Boston Fenway Park
Trinity Church of Boston
Boston Public Library

Good light and happy photo making!


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Aug 22, 2014

Behind the Photo Image of a Boston Skyline Favorite

A few days ago I visited one of my favorite photo locations for Boston Skyline Photography in East Boston, Massachusetts. I like this location as it provides one of the best views of downtown and the Boston Harbor. I also discovered some wood pilings from an old pier in the waters that make for great foreground features to add interest and depth to a photograph. Effectively used in a composition the pilings also lead a viewer in the and through the frame. That day, I arrived a bit early for twilight photography. There were beautiful last clouds rushing through the picture as the sky was clearing towards the end of the day. Equipped with a neutral density filter I extended exposure times to blur out the fast moving clouds and  provide a sense of cloud movement. The longer exposure times also created Silky Water Effects in the harbor waters and around the wood pilings. In order to overcome the contrast between the darker foreground and the brighter sky I utilized a split density filter. I remember hoping that the clouds would turn pinkish before they move completely out off my composition. I guess my prayers were heard that day and with the last light of the day I was able to capture the pink, moving clouds across the Boston Skyline and Harbor.

An ISO 200 setting combined with an aperture of f/8 provided the desired shutter speed of 30 seconds for this cityscape photography picture. During post processing I cleaned up the digital image from dust spots, minimally adjusted lighting, contrast and color saturation before sharpening this final image of Beantown.

Good Light and happy photo making!


Aug 11, 2014

How to Care for Photo Acrylic Prints

In my first 2 blog posts of this series we discussed how to protect and clean Aluminum Metal Prints and Canvas Prints. This week we will be discussing how to care for acrylic prints. Acrylic printing has a lustrous glossy finish showing off a depth and clarity to photo art that is incomparable. It takes the fine art of photography to an entire new level of modern art. Contemporary look, great color vibrancy with a near 3-D effect makes them an popular Interior Decorating Solution for public areas in hotel, sports bar, restaurant, lobby, and studio settings. Photo acrylic prints are also great for hanging in home or office and truly make for spectacular personal gifts. With proper care, acrylic prints will last for years, so you can fully enjoy and appreciate the artwork for many years to come: 

1. Clean your acrylic print using a soft slightly water damp lint free cloth. Alternatively use high quality acrylic cleaners or an acrylic glass cleaner to maintain that glazing looking its best. 

2. Avoid wiping the acrylic surface too hard as you may  scratch the it. Consider scratch resistant acrylic when buying acrylic prints.

3. Don’t drop an acrylic print as it might chip the corner or edge of the artwork. 

4. Do not hang your valuable acrylic Art Pints in direct sunlight as it may break down the paper that the photograph is printed on before face mounted. It also may cause damage to the acrylic itself. 

5. Keep moisture in form of humidity low in the rooms where you hang the acrylic photography artwork. Humidity easily may damage any print as it may cause mold and mildew resulting in significant damage or total loss of your valuable Photography Art. Consider metal prints for bathrooms or other areas with excessive moisture and humidity.

Good Light and happy photo making!