Apr 17, 2019

New England B&W Photography of Bass Harbor Head Light


Bass Harbor Head Light is a picturesque New England lighthouse located within the boundaries of Maine Acadia National Park on the southeast corner of Mount Desert Island (MDI). This scenic lighthouse beautifully towers over the swirling Atlantic Ocean and granite seacoast, marking the entrance for boats and ships to Bass Harbor and Blue Hill Bay. It is one of the most iconic scenery of Acadia National Park as Bass Harbor Light is dramatically located on the edge of rugged cliffs.

For this Black and white photography image of Bass Harbor lighthouse I opted for a long exposure photography setting to render the incoming waves into a smooth water effect; conveying a sense of moving Atlantic Ocean waters pounding the Maine Seacoast. A graduated neutral density filter balanced the bright sunset light in the sky and clouds against the dark foreground of the granite cliffs.

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Apr 10, 2019

Massachusetts Lighthouse Photography at Old Scituate Light

Old Scituate Light on Cedar Point in Scituate, MA is one a heck of a great and iconic New England Lighthouse location. I love visiting here and this New England outdoors photo adventure awarded beautiful sunrise light and cloud cover. I approximately arrived 30 minutes before sunrise and immediately made my way up onto the seawall. The first thing that caught my eye was another photographer. After a brief hello I noticed a few lobster cage washed upon the seawall and pebble beach below the lighthouse. I immediately knew that those traps would find their way into my photography compositions as they were destined for great foreground elements. So, almost the entire photo shoot focused on those lobster cages and how to incorporate them with the lighthouse for stronger Seascape Photography images. This was one of the later images when I was on my way back to the parking lot and car when I set up one more time. The early warm light painted the scenery in beautiful hues and I was unable to resist and call it a day. Glad I released the shutter this last time!

Aperture for this image was f/22 resulting in 1/10 of a second exposure time at ISO100. During post processing I adjusted brightness, lighting, saturation and contrast before removing dust spots and sharpening the final image of the historic Scituate Lighthouse.

Good light and happy photo making!



Apr 3, 2019

Waterfall Photography Tips for Long Exposure Time Settings


Waterfalls are best photographed with long shutter speed settings. Slow shutter speeds transform the falling water into a beautiful silky carpet of water; actually conveying the flow and energy within a 2-dimensional picture. Good exposure times for Silky Water Effects and particular for waterfalls are 1/2 to 1/15 of a second.

Experiment with your camera exposure settings like aperture, exposure times, ISO settings for optimal effects. Neutral density filter or polarizing filter extends exposure times and have other beneficial photo effects on your final Waterfall Photography Images.


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