Dec 29, 2017

11 Photo Tips for Better Winter Photography

This blog post provides 11 photo tips for better winter photography images. Some are obvious, some are not and important to keep in mind. Enjoy!

1. Adjust your camera exposure settings to ensure snow appears white and is not a gray mess. Up to one or two stops overexposure may do the trick. Use exposure bracketing and adjust on the fly.

2. Head out at sunrise and sunset to capture the magic in your in seascape and landscape photography images. Exploring mother nature after a storm or a dusting always provides pristine opportunities.

3. Capture the snowfall across or around your subject. It's best achieved with a long lens and fast shutter speed. Snowflakes near and beyond the focal point appear big and blurry providing the much needed punch.

4. Use your filters with care. A polarizer darkens the sky and eliminates glare. A split neutral density filter balances a darker light in the foreground against a bright sunrise or sunset light in the sky.

5. You may run into focus problems when shooting during a snowstorm. Consider manual focus at this point which is actually always a good idea to pin-point your focus point.

6. Keep a fair amount of distance between you and any wildlife to avoid causing unnecessary stress. Conditions a harsh and you don't want to harm any wildlife. Instead consider not taking a shot and enjoy the precious experience and moment.

7. Keep your batteries warm and near your buddy. How annoying if you set out to capture a beautiful sunrise in sub-zero temperatures, waiting for the perfect light and your camera shuts down because the battery is a goner.

8. Dress warm and in layers, good gloves and winter boots when chasing the winter light. Watch your steps to avoid slips and falls.

9.  Ones back in the car or even on location keep your camera dry. Consider protection gear or wipe camera and lens dry during exposures.

10. Winter is holiday season and there are lights displays everywhere. Make sure to head out to your local town, neighborhood or nearby city to capture the holiday magic.

11. Get out there and have fun! 

Good light and happy photo making!


Dec 19, 2017

Photos from the Sudbury Grist Mill

This year I have been visiting this historic landmark in the Greater Boston area throughout the seasons. I love the Grist Mill building and surrounding areas and every time I revisit I find new inspiration. This blog posts shares some of my favorites from this inspiring subject and 2017.

Spring Sudbury Grist Mill

Fall foliage Sudbury Grist mill

Massachusetts Photos

Autumn Sudbury Grist Mill

Winter Sudbury Grist Mill

Massachusetts photography images