Aug 22, 2014

Behind the Photo Image of a Boston Skyline Favorite

A few days ago I visited one of my favorite photo locations for Boston Skyline Photography in East Boston, Massachusetts. I like this location as it provides one of the best views of downtown and the Boston Harbor. I also discovered some wood pilings from an old pier in the waters that make for great foreground features to add interest and depth to a photograph. Effectively used in a composition the pilings also lead a viewer in the and through the frame. That day, I arrived a bit early for twilight photography. There were beautiful last clouds rushing through the picture as the sky was clearing towards the end of the day. Equipped with a neutral density filter I extended exposure times to blur out the fast moving clouds and  provide a sense of cloud movement. The longer exposure times also created Silky Water Effects in the harbor waters and around the wood pilings. In order to overcome the contrast between the darker foreground and the brighter sky I utilized a split density filter. I remember hoping that the clouds would turn pinkish before they move completely out off my composition. I guess my prayers were heard that day and with the last light of the day I was able to capture the pink, moving clouds across the Boston Skyline and Harbor.

An ISO 200 setting combined with an aperture of f/8 provided the desired shutter speed of 30 seconds for this cityscape photography picture. During post processing I cleaned up the digital image from dust spots, minimally adjusted lighting, contrast and color saturation before sharpening this final image of Beantown.

Good Light and happy photo making!



  1. Hi,

    I am searching around for a few locations to shoot Boston skyline and found your blog. I will be in Boston this weekend and would like to shoot some photo. Do you mind telling me the direction to this location?

    Tuan Nguyen

  2. Thanks Tuan! Feel free to sign up for one of my workshops or photo tours where I guide people to my favorite Boston skyline locations. I took this one from East Boston. Hope this helps. My best, Juergen