Oct 22, 2016

Scenic View from Massachusetts highest Point: Mount Greylock


Last week my photographic adventure brought me to Western Massachusetts. I visited Mount Greylock State Reservation in Berkshires County and only a short drive from Pittsfield, MA. The top of Mount Greylock is the highest natural point in Massachusetts and provides sweeping views all the way to the Green Mountains of Vermont on a clear day. The Massachusetts Veterans War Memorial Tower is currently under construction but it looked like it would be opened soon. I would love to set up on top of the tower on a clear day and photograph a whopping 360 degree Gigapixel Panorama Image that viewers can interactively explore! Upon arrival parking was a major issue. Crowd flocked to the summit that day to see the fall foliage but eventually I found my spot. The second challenge was composing an image without any people in the picture. Ones I found my spot I patiently waited for the right moment when nobody walked through or stood in the frame. Patience always pays off and usually there is always a moment that works. I used the rocks in the foreground as an leading element and to crop out some of the crowd admiring the Scenic New England mountain view. It was already kind of late in the day and the low sun painted the scene in beautiful warm hues. On the way down I found a cool spot for sunset photography where I chatted it up with a few other travelers and a fellow German who followed the fall foliage from Maine all the way down to Massachusetts - but this is a story for another time.   

Good light and happy photo making!


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