Oct 24, 2016

New England Sunset Photography Locations: Mount Greylock State Reservation - New Ashford Overlook


Mount Greylock State Reservation in Berkshires County is a prime destination for hiking and outdoor adventures. I frequently travel there also for great Nature Photography opportunities. Autumn is when thousands flock to the area to experience the famous New England fall foliage and often referred to as Indian Summer. The top attraction in this nature preserve is the summit of Mount Greylock that can be reached easily by car or a more strenuous hike up the mountain which is the highest natural point in Massachusetts. The summit itself provides sweeping views on a clear day all the way into the Green Mountains of Vermont. It's a busy and entertaining spot for sunset photography.

After photographing the Mount Greylock Summit View I traveled back down to the New Ashford overlook. This pullout on the Summit Road makes for great sunset photography. Upon arrival I set up my Gitzo tripod and Canon camera equipped with a 28-70 Canon wide-angle lens. I used a split neutral density filter to overcome the high contrast between the darker foreground of fall foliage and mountain range and the brighter background of the sunset sky. The aperture in this Landscape Photography image was set at f/22 resulting in an exposure time of 5 seconds at ISO100.

Routine post processing involved adjustments to lighting, contrast and color saturation before removing of imperfections and dust spots. Image sharpening of the final image of New Ashford Overlook was the final step.

Good light and happy photo making!


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