Dec 26, 2012

Puzzling Times

As earlier announced this year I partnered with Maynard's, LLC and compiled a fine collection of my flower photography images in a 1,000 piece high quality, interlocking puzzle: "Flowers in Bloom". I finally had a chance and some quite time to start the puzzle and enjoying it tremendously ... it is challenging and so much fun!

The puzzle comes with a twist that makes it so much more fun to piece together. The twist is that the images on the box do not exactly match the images on the completed puzzle. The puzzle twist was developed to enhance the jigsaw experience and with hidden images and a new twist around every corner, the intent is not to make the jigsaw puzzle more difficult, but to make the whole experience more enjoyable. This 1,000 piece puzzle twist measures 26 5/8" x 19 1/4" when completed and the compilation of flower images from my Fine Art Photography Gallery can be beautifully framed thereafter.

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