Apr 2, 2010

Monthly Photo Tip - April 2010

Tips on camera noise reduction and one for positive use of camera noise:

1. Try to keep the camera ISO setting as low as possible, less than ISO 100 preferable
2. Use a high quality camera compression setting i.e. superfine
2. Use your solid tripod for low ISO settings resulting in slow shutter speeds
3. Minimize camera shaking during exposure to avoid camera blur
Provide sufficient lighting in your photographic objects to avoid long exposure times
5. Get out and try different ISO, shutter speed and aperture values for your own test shots
6. Try your camera manual for use of a camera built-in noise-reduction mode, if available
7. Download the trial versions of Noise Ninja or NeatImage software to use noise reduction software, if needed
8. Use the highest quality equipment possible, lower camera megapixel sensors tend to contribute grain like effects
9. Reverse above to increase the effect of noise and use it in a more journalistic and abstract form of photography

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