Jul 1, 2013

Sunglasses for your Camera and Photography


I always strive for the best possible photography image in the field as it keeps digital post processing to a minimum. One useful photo filter in this quest is the circular Polarizing Filter. This filter screws onto the front of our camera lens and when the filter is rotated it adjusts the amount of polarized light reflecting from the photographic subject. The polarizing filter boosts color and balances the contrast in our photography images; it eliminates unwanted and distracting glare and reflections on wet leaves. Think of the polarizer as sunglasses for our cameras and like putting on those shades in the summer, these photo filters increase color saturation, boost blue sky, add cloud contrast, control reflections and add neutral density to lengthen exposure times for blurred, impressionistic images.

In above photograph of the Rhododendron Flowers I was challenged with bright glare on the green leaves. After installing and adjusting the polarizing filter for maximum impact, the glare was eliminated and colors were more balanced and saturated leading to a more pleasing flower photography image.

Keep in mind, when Buying a Polarizing Filter ensure to get one for your largest lens diameter. Lenses with smaller diameters can be equipped with adapters allowing the larger filter to be mounted on the smaller sized lens. This will be easier on your wallet and lowers the weight of your photo gear in the field.

Your turn ~ what is your favorite photo filter?

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  1. Thank you, Juergen. Used to always use a polarizing filter on my old Canon AE1 but never thought about using it on my digital - don't know why. Think stopping by a camera shop for a polarizing filter will be added to my list of errands today.

  2. The polarizing photo filter is one of the most important investments after camera, lenses and tripod ... it really makes a great difference in our images and is the one filter I would pick if I have to chose one .... glad you heading out getting yourself a new one. Happy shooting and thanks for commenting on this photo blog post! Regards, Juergen