Jul 3, 2013

20 Examples of Awe Inspiring Butterfly and Insect Macro Photography

When I am not out and about exploring the beautiful state and national parks/sites of the Northeast I often keep myself busy with local macro photography in and around Boston. The Mass Audubon Broad Meadow Brook Wildlife Sanctuary in Worcester, MA provides plenty of photo opportunities for the local insect macro photographer. The array of tiny beings in their miniature world seems to be endless at this sanctuary and I always encounter something new or learn a bit more about them. A visit is always inspiring and leaves me asking for more. This time heavy showers on and off were rather annoying and while I was looking for shelter, so were the bugs! I had no idea but now it makes so much sense. A blackish tiny dragonfly for example protected itself from the rain under the petals of a nearby cone flower while others were less lucky and got fully drenched. This blog post compiles 20 of the best insect macro photography images in their natural habitat ~ enjoy! 

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