Jul 19, 2013

21 Most Beautiful Photography Examples of Orchid Flowers

The unique forms and shapes of an orchid make them prime subjects for any flower photography endeavor. Orchids come in many colors: pink, yellow, white, purple and others that also add to their appeal. One can photograph them in the wild, greenhouses or purchase them from a local grocery store and capture their beauty in a studio setting. Most of my orchid photography images were captured in a studio. Here we have total control of environment, background and composition. 

Environmentally we do not need to worry about any wind messing with our composition. I particular love back-lighting for my studio flower photography shots and the ability to study the impact of light. It is still amazing how small adjustments of the reflectors have such a huge impact on the final outcome of a picture. It often is the decisive factor for turning a good floral image into a piece of Fine Art Photography

Backdrops can be easily adjusted to our needs in the studio. There is no need to isolate the orchid against a more calming backdrop of other flowers or shrubs in the background. Cart boards or cloths in all colors work wonders to put the spotlight solely on these amazing flowers. I often use neutral white or black backdrops to make the colors pop. A Polarizing Filter eliminates any unwanted glare and saturates colors. 

As mentioned before, in order to beautifully isolate the flowers from the background in our composition, we are not limited to only moving tripod and camera around in the field; instead we are easily able to make compositional adjustments of the flower and backdrops themselves in a studio setting, thereby allowing for much more flexibility and better compositions.


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