Jan 16, 2012

Pink Orchids Flower Photography Fine Art

Because of the exceptional and beautiful morning light bouncing off my neighbors walls into our dining room, I prefer to set up my close up photography studio next to our dining room window. As a base I use a chair that I place in front of the window. I then use a large enough black cardboard from Staples that I position behind the floral photographic object using the backrest for support. White cardboards are used to enhance the light and direct the light towards the floral when it is facing away from the window. I always use hardcover books to stabilize and minimize any unwanted shaking or movement of the flower. Additionally the books make it easy to adjust the height of the flower when a different perspective or angle is more desirable. I often adjust the white boards to explore the impact on the lighting and better control the light on the flower. Adjusting the light with the white boards is a great learning experience for us photographers and often leads to more inspirational and beautiful photographs. In the final macro photograph of the pink orchids I positioned the flower in the best possible way so that there were no other distracting branches or flowers in the composition. The aperture was set to f/11 providing sufficient Depth of Field and an exposure time of 1/5 second. An ISO100 setting minimized noise. In the post processing steps I minimally adjusted brightness, contrast and color saturation before sharpening the image of the Butterfly Orchid.


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