Jan 29, 2012

Fine Art Photography Artwork that Sells

This Photography Artwork Collage shows some of my recent fine art photography artwork sold online. Selling art online is no picnic. It takes a serious time commitment and it most likely will not make you the next Peter Lik of photography who sells photos for up to 1 Million dollars. However, it surely presents on opportunity for exposure and additional sales. Some tips that worked online and offline for me:

1. Enhance your brand recognition by consistently creating excellent Photography Artwork and strong pieces to show, e.g. compelling compositions and well executed technique.

2. Create Artwork that is close to your heart and that you like.

3. Make your local mark first and search for local Art Fairs, Galleries or Group Shows that fit your artwork. Once successful, you may be able to emerge nationally or internationally.

4. Be professional and Present your Artwork in the best possible way, e.g. materials, presentation, customer service and communication.

5. Maintain and increase your website traffic since it directly relates to exposure and sales. Drive traffic to your online gallery by using free marketing tools like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or StumbleUpon and posting links to your photos.

6. Connect with other artists, collectors, buyers and admires through Online Social Networking.

7. Devote certain times of the day to online marketing where you interact and communicate with your followers.

8. Write a regular Blog where you discuss your techniques, what inspires you, the background of your latest piece or what you are working on.

9. Be patient. It takes a lot of hard work and plenty of hours to get your work shown, bought, and collected.

10. Finally, have a good time and enjoy the journey!


  1. Thanks for ten excellent ideas. I know that I have to "practice what I preach" to clients about blogging and posting frequently.

  2. Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my tips for selling art online and offline Janis ... glad you like them. Stay tuned for more to come and on how to blog more efficiently. My best, Juergen

  3. Great,You people had the excellent photography talent.

  4. Thanks Fine Art Photography online gallery ... glad you like the images and work. The 10 marketing tips should get you started on successfully selling your art and photographs. Regards, Juergen