Jun 5, 2011

2011 Coolidge Corner Arts Festival

Bought a new E-Z UP art festival tent and mesh panel walls from Florish to hang my photographs at art events around New England. I set up in 45 minutes and breakdown was even faster ... very pleased with the purchase ... festival was a blast too. Lots of people and good talks ... thanks for dropping by!



  1. Wow looks great Juergen. Sounds like fun.
    Regards Coral.

  2. Thanks Carol! It was quite a blast and the weather was just perfect bringing lots of visitors to the Coolidge Corner arts festival here in Brookline.

  3. This is just so wonderful, Juergen. I think about doing this someday but have no idea where to start really. Do you do all your own printing, matting and framing?

    Your work looks just beautiful hanging together like that. I wish you the best of luck. Maybe I'll make it out to see you someday.

  4. You should Roni ... your photos are beautiful and unique! I started out with the Boston Arts festival because they provided a tent. All I had to bring was my pictures ... very convenient and rather cheap to take a first dip. I still have to learn a lot but it's so much fun having the interaction with the visitors. My favorite moment at the Coolidge Corner Arts Festival were two little kids and her Mom. The mom encouraged a dialogue between them and the kids were in awe about my photos and kept on going ... I wish I had recorded it and they would have stayed longer. Who knows ... you may not drive that far ... I may show in the New York area next year. Thanks for commenting Roni!