Dec 9, 2015

Photography 101: Direction of Light - Front Light 

Front light is achieved when the subject is directly lit from the front. It is not very beneficial in landscape photography because texture and form are being lost and a photograph often appears flat. I most often use it in my macro flower and raindrop Photography which has become one of my favorite photography subjects. Often overcast sky is best suited for flower photography but in this rose flower photography image I dismissed this rule. I was intrigued by the early morning sunlit red rose covered with raindrops. The front light created a sun filled, color saturated, high contrast image that provides exceptional fine detail throughout the entire image of the rose floral picture. The high contrast made the droplets appear as bright shiny diamonds and added the extra twist to make it work.

Good light and happy photo making! 



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  2. Thanks so very much for commenting Faryal - glad you like my photo blog and flower photography fine art. Happy mid-week, Juergen