Dec 6, 2015

Astrophotography - Venus, Fading Mars, Moon and Jupiter Above Singing Beach

Yesterday morning, in the wee hours, I made my way out to Manchester by the Sea on Cape Ann. I picked Singing Beach since we consider it one of the most beautiful beaches on the north shore of Massachusetts. Clear skies were in the forecast, perfect to get a glimpse of a unique planet constellation. When I arrived dawn was upon us and I immediately spotted Venus, fading Mars, the Moon and Jupiter above this Atlantic beach. The horizon was glowing in orange while the sky was painted in beautiful blue hues. The vertical format allowed me to capture parts of the beach, the amazing morning colors and the perfect alignment of the planets. I used a split neutral density filter to overcome the high contrast between dark foreground and bright background. Aperture for this sunrise picture was set f/5.6 providing 2 seconds of exposure time at ISO200.

During post processing I cleaned the image of dust spots and imperfections, adjusted lighting, contrast and color saturation before sharpening the final photograph.

Good light and happy photo making! 


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