Jan 31, 2013

Plan Ahead and Watch the Weather

3 more to go … hope you keep coming back for the last two photo tips in this series of twenty photography 101 tips, enjoy the simple read and find the tips helpful. As mentioned in the blog post earlier I decided to share a series of basic photography tips for the beginner that are worth while sharing, inspirational, and will keep you motivated in your own Photography endeavor. I am always thrilled to hear back from you. Hope you enjoy the photo tips and find them helpful! 

Photo Tip #18 of 20: Plan ahead. Keep a close eye on the weather by watching the forecast the night before or simply look outside to check whether or not you are going to want to have the sky in your picture. Overcast sky balances colors beautifully but usually makes for boring, washed-out skies; hence keep the sky out of the picture as much as possible on overcast days. On beautiful days with lots of blue sky and interesting cloud formations, go ahead and make the most out of it. A polarizing filter is sunglasses for your camera and will minimize unwanted glare on shiny or wet surfaces and boost color saturation and contrast.

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