Feb 4, 2013

Correct Photography Exposure

Last 2 photo tips to be released today. Blogging photography 101 tips for enthusiasts and more advanced photographers was quite a rewarding undertaking. Hopefully I compiled a series of useful tips that are worth while sharing, inspirational, and keep everybody motivated for their own Photography adventures and travels. No doubt in my mind that if taken to heart they will improve our abilities to create more meaningful and interesting art and photography pictures. I am always eager to get your feedback and comments ~ open to suggestions as well. Hope you had a great day and all is well! 

Photo Tip #19 of 20: Exposure is one of the most important camera and lens functions that a photographer needs to understand and master when pursuing photography. A correct exposed photograph conveys an image of clarity that retains details and colors in all areas of interest including light or dark areas. Correct exposure is always subjective and while I prefer a slightly underexposed image that boosts colors and saturation, others may not. Correct exposure is a fine combination of ISO, shutter speed, aperture and lens settings. Understanding how these 4 elements come together is crucial for exceptional photography. 

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