Jan 15, 2013

Great Photography Tips

We are almost halfway through with this blog post installment of 20 photography 101 tips. During the next couple of weeks I will continue to release a series of basic photo tips that I think are worth while sharing, inspirational, and hopefully make for better Photography. The tips apply to landscape, seascape, macro, abstract, wildlife, or skyline and architecture photography. I am always exited to hear back and look forward to comments and question ... so keep them coming! My best, Juergen

Photo Tip #7 of 20: Check for intruders in your composition. Is there something popping into the picture from the edge or side of the picture? Is there a tree branch, power line, or telephone poll that creeps into the shot stealing attention from the main photography subject? Recompose and remove it as I did in this butterfly photography picture. At first the background was very busy with branches of a nearby shrub. As a solution I had to move a little bit to the site and recompose the shot in front of a shrub that was further away and sunlit. A large aperture setting (small f/stop like f/5.6 and smaller) combined with a long 400mm telephoto lens blurred out the background exactly as I wanted it for this Birdwing Butterfly photography image.

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