Jan 30, 2013

Play with the Shutter Speed

Last four photo tips to be released. Blogging photography 101 tips for enthusiasts and more advanced photographers is quite something. It took more than I thought but hopefully I compiled a series of useful tips that are worth while sharing, inspirational, and keep everybody motivated for their own Photography Art journey. No doubt in my mind that if taken to heart they will improve our abilities to create more meaningful and interesting art and photography pictures. I am always eager to get feedback and comments … open to suggestions as well. Hope you had a great day and everything is well! 

Photo Tip #17 of 20: Play with the camera shutter speed. A slow shutter speed combined with a tripod will make for beautiful silky water effects. A fast shutter speed will enable you to hand hold the camera and capture fast moving objects like flying birds or the splash of crushing waves and surfs. Keep in mind that capturing the moment in fast paced action photography takes a little bit of practice, so hang in there.

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