Jan 1, 2013

Best Photos of the Year 2012

2012 was a fabulous and creative year for me and my photography. This post reflects and showcase the creme de la creme of my most memorable and exceptional photos of the year 2012. Equipped with new photo gear in hand, I was able to get into closer range for frame filling alligator and bird Wildlife Photography in Florida. This not only made for better photography but also for an overall safer photo experience. Instead I battled other obstacles like kneeing into a pile of nasty biting ants while photographing an alligator portrait in Florida Everglades National Park ... never will forget that! Most of spring I explored local sanctuaries and took home field advantage. There were some really nice finds in my neighborhood and I am particular pleased with my tulip flower fine art photography "Red on Pink". Passers by were quite puzzled and questioned my attempt to make this picture work and I would love to show the beauty in our backyard to the curious ones that stopped and chatted for a bit. One does not always need to travel far to capture Mother Nature at its best, walking around with an open mind and eye may move us more forward than traveling thousands of miles to that desired location we always dream off. This summer I really got bitten my the insect Macro Photography bug. Butterflies, dragonflies, flies, moths, and grasshoppers were a new photographic field that I very much enjoyed and explored throughout the warm summer months. It took a lot of patience but was so rewarding. I am now totally hooked and look forward to this upcoming season! Autumn is always prime time for New England Fall Foliage Photography and I am extremely happy that I made it back to Acadia National Park in Maine last year. Every visit is an incredible outdoor experience not to be missed and as a bonus it also made for some of my best landscape photography images of the park. Another destination I admire deeply is Cape Cod and its National Seashore. Time, unfortunately was limited last year and I sure hope to be back more frequently next year to capture more of its beauty and charm. What else is in stock for 2013? More photo tours and travel to New England waterfalls, Green Mountains in Vermont, and the White Mountains in New Hampshire where I will be on the lookout for black bear and moose to add to my wildlife photography gallery. Visiting Acadia National Park is scheduled for winter, spring, summer and fall, hopefully another trip to Florida earlier this year. Most important though for 2013 is that I hopefully continue to inspire with my nature photography images, travel anecdotes and photo trips .... hope you stay tuned and join me on my journey.

Wishing everybody a healthy, prospectus, and happy New Year!

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