Mar 15, 2012

Twilight City Skyline Photography Tips

Magical twilight colors combined with the Boston Skyline and landmarks like the Prudential Center and John Hancock Building have become one of my favorite photographic subjects when I am not occupied with nature photography. I find it amazing when everything comes together in a few minutes and the city lights arise while the sky turns beautifully turquoise. I compiled 15 twilight photo tips that should help you get started in your own personal endeavor of capturing these precious moments ... make sure to embrace photo tip #15 for more beautiful and wow factor nature photography results:

Photo Tip #1: Ensure to bring a fully charged battery and bring a spare or two.

Photo Tip #2: Ensure to have sufficient flash card memory and bring a spare memory card.

Photo Tip #3: For best results check the weather forecast to ensure clear skies.

Photo Tip #4: Time your Skyline Photography with natural phenomena's like full moon, super moon, or new moon to add more interest to the composition.

Photo Tip #5: Arrive 1/2 hour before sunset to allow for sufficient time to set up and compose a pleasing skyline photography image.

Photo Tip #6: Use a Steady Tripod to compensate for the expected long exposure times.

Photo Tip #7: Use low ISO settings like ISO25, 50, or 100 to minimize Camera Noise.

Photo Tip #8: Best time to capture twilight photos is 20 to 30 minutes after the sun has set.

Photo Tip #9: Be prepared well because the optimum light does not last long.

Photo Tip #10: Set up tripod and camera prior to the actual sunset.

Photo Tip #11: Shoot with small apertures (large f-stop numbers like f/11, f/16, or f/22) to maximize Depth of Field.

Photo Tip #12: Shoot in manual mode because auto-focus does not work that well in low light.

Photo Tip #13: Use the Camera Self Timer, a cable release or remote release to trip the shutter. If not using live view use mirror lock up to minimize camera shake and blurry pictures.

Photo Tip #14: Keep shooting when the twilight sky starts glowing and the city lights are beginning to come alive.

Photo Tip #15: Don't limit yourself to twilight photography of city skylines; use twilight to great effect and advantage in your landscape and seascape Nature Photography.