Mar 5, 2012

Square Format in Photography Composition

In one of my latest posts we discussed Landscape versus Portrait Photography formats, impact on composition and the decisions we have to make in the field to bring out the best composition and photograph. Another format, perhaps more specialized, is the square format. In today's digital photography world we do not need a special camera any more and can easily transform a rectangular image into a well balanced and harmonious photograph by cropping the image during post processing. Pictures in this format appear quite neutral and direct all attention to the center. The unusual format appeals to the viewer; it automatically awakens interest because it is different from the norm and makes the photography appreciator curious. The viewer's eye moves around in a circle rather than from left to right as we previously discovered in the landscape versus portrait format post. The Square Format does not work for all motifs but details, abstracts and flowers work very well. Using geometric shapes in a square format is very powerful.

Now it's your turn! Next time you are out and about, experiment and arrange the subject to its fullest impact while finding the balance within a squared photography composition.

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