Mar 29, 2012

Ever wondered how ...

Kermit the Frog or any other prominent person like an athlete, celebrity, movie star, or politician must feel when their personal space is invaded by a paparazzi. This nature photograph of a frog might be a good example for an out of control paparazzi. To achieve a better and more pleasing composition of the little frog, I had to get really low, hold the camera way in front of me and slowly move in closer for a frame filling photo. Although the green frog was very patient with me, I am sure in its eyes I appeared rude, pushy, and ignorant while invading its comfort zone. During the time I remember being quite happy with these first photos and not having the frog scared away. What I did not realize was the fact that I captured myself in the frogs' eye holding my camera right under its nose. I discovered the funny mishap when I checked out the pictures on my home computer after coming back from a beautiful Maine photography tour to Acadia National Park. Although the frog was a willing photo model that did not consider me an unacceptable annoyance, I was not able to get away with a decent photograph that morning ... suppose it wasn't my day, but I sure do hope the frog somehow got the same kick out of it as I did. Happy Thursday everybody! My best, Juergen


  1. Even with the reflection in the frog's eye, it's still a great photo, Juergen! Am glad it was so patient with you.

  2. Thanks so much for commenting on my frog photography. I love this pic myself and probably will post it for sale ... kind of unique ... thanks for the encouragement Catherine ... glad you like it too!