Jan 16, 2017

Photographing Pemaquid Point Light at Sunset

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, Maine
Pemaquid Point in Maine

A while back I traveled to  Pemaquid Neck in Maine to visit and to photograph the Pamaquid Point Lighthouse. It is a historic Unites States lighthouse located in Bristol, Lincoln County. This New England lighthouse is a cultural and historical treasure and was added to the National Register of Historic Places as Pemaquid Point Light on 16th of April in 1985. The iconic lighthouse is famous for its dramatic setting at the tip of the Pemaquid Neck where it rises above the pounding surf of the Atlantic Ocean and spectacular rock formations.

Upon arrival I climbed the rocks below the lighthouse and explored many composition. This image was one of the first one I took that evening. I used the rock formations as an interesting foreground element that leads the viewer to the scenic setting of Pemaquid Light. The clouds were painted in beautiful warm colors by the setting sun. I used a split density neutral density filter to overcome the strong contrast between the darker foreground and the bright sunset sky. Metering on the darker rocks and locking the exposure before placing the split ND filter in place allowed for a more balance exposure throughout this iconic New England Scenery.

During post processing I adjusted lighting, contrast, vibrancy and color saturation before removing dust spots and sharpening the final image of Pemaquid Point. 

Good light and happy photo making! 


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