Jan 2, 2017

Outer Cape Race Point Light - A photography adventure almost gone wrong!

A few months back I adventured out to the outer Cape in a quest to capture Race Point Light at dusk and sunset. I parked at Race Point Beach, free after 5 pm as every other National Seashore beach on Cape Cod. From the parking lot I made my way to the beach where I was greeted by a couple of whales in the far distance - incredible start to my journey! I then turned left on the beach and started my 45 minute adventure along the shoreline towards the iconic lighthouse. Upon arrival the late afternoon sun was painting the lighthouse and surrounding dunes in beautiful hues. I ventured throughout the dunes to find the best spot for a pleasing composition and show this Cape Cod lighthouse in its best light. Unfortunately clouds were moving in quick and I could tell by sunset clouds were dominating. The sunset was rather disappointing. As this wasn't disappointing enough, the return trip to Race Point Beach was pretty difficult as it was rather hot and muggy. My feet were hurting from walking barefoot in the sand for a 3 mile round-trip. I gotta say that the Provincetown airport however saved the night as it guided me back through the dark night to the parking lot. A bottle of water that I carried along came in real handy too. I gotta say, I am not quite sure where I would have ended up without both those aids. I definitely learned my lesson and hopefully will think things better through next time around!

Lighthouse photo tips published by Apogee Photo Magazine

Good light and happy photo making!


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