Jan 9, 2017

An Acadia National Park Sunset Adventure at Jordan Pond and the Bubbles

Jordan Pond and the Bubbles at sunset in Acadia National Park Maine
Jordan Pond and the Bubbles at sunset

Last September we spent a week on Mount Desert Island. I used the opportunity to photograph in some of my favorite spots in Acadia National Park. Jordan Pond is famous for its beautiful views of the Bubbles. The Bubbles consist of the South and the North Bubble, a couple of scenic mountains that make for great photography subjects. Parking is pretty easy since the famous Jordan Tea House is nearby providing plenty of spaces at night. This is popular photography spot and I wasn't on my own. I recall three other photographers and we chatted it up a little bit while waiting for sunset and the magic light to appear. Equipped with a wide-angle zoom lens set at 28 mm and my split graduated neutral density filter in end I started photographing ones the sky turned pink. I had to use the filter because I had to account for the dark foreground and the bright sunset light. Aperture was set at f/22 providing a long exposure of 15 seconds at ISO100. During post-processing I removed undesired dust spots and imperfection. I also  adjusted lighting, brightness, contrast, exposure and color saturation before sharpening the final image Sunset Drama at Jordan Pond and the Bubbles

Good light and happy photo making!


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