Jan 20, 2017

Boston Nightlight - Latest Skyline Photography from the Hub

Boston skyline night photography
Boston skyline night photography of familiar landmarks
Boston Nightlight was taken from a new location that I recently scouted while driving home from a fun trip to Hunts Photo & Video in Melrose, MA. 

It is always very exiting to explore a new spot that shows Boston from a different angle and in a new light. I haven't seen this view of the Hub online yet but I am sure other photographers have discovered it as well. Equipped with my longest Canon prime lens and a 1.4x telezoom extender I made my way over. The lens was just right and framed this Boston skyline view perfectly. Upon arrival I set up and patiently waited for the magic of twilight to appear. It still amazes me when the short moment of perfect balance between city lights and night light occurs and transforms the urban scenery into a magical picture. 

Aperture was set to f/22 providing a shutter speed of 20 seconds at ISO200. During post processing I followed my routine  work flow where I removed unwanted dust spots, adjusted lighting, color saturation and contrast before sharpening the final image of Boston Nightlight. 

Good light and happy photo making!


1 comment:

  1. Amazing photo and definitely new spot for me too. I am an amateur photographer and would love to try this location. Would you be kind enough to post or email me directly where you took this from?

    Thank you.