Jun 3, 2016

Flower Photography of Bleeding Hearts on a Line

Spring is one of my favorite time of the years. It's so inspiring when flora comes alive. In recent weeks our garden is blooming in plenty of colors. 

Last week Bleeding Hearts were in bloom and I was able to photograph a few. This one was taken in horizontal format as I wanted to include the entire line of the Bleeding Heart flowers. The aperture was set to f/4.5 providing a shutter speed of 1/125 of a second at ISO200. I picked a higher ISO setting in order to fasten exposure time. Wind was a bit of a problem and the flowers were blowing back and forth. In the end patient and persistence paid of.

During post processing I removed minor dust spots and imperfection before making minimal adjustment to brightness, color saturation, contrast and sharpening the final photography image of Bleeding Hearts on a Line.     

Good light and happy photo making,


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