May 31, 2016

Cape Cod Sunset Photography at Harborview Beach

This past Memorial Day weekend I took advantage of a unique photo opportunity on The Cape. Harborview Beach is located not far from Sesuit Harbor in Dennis, MA and it is a hidden gem mostly known by Cape Cod locals. The beach has a few large and many small boulders that rise out of the Cape Cod Bay during low tide. Tidal pools make for beautiful reflections of the orange sunset hues. upon arrival the sun was already setting not leaving me a lot of time to explore the location for a perfect composition. I settled on 3 of the larger boulders dominating the view. A split neutral density filter allowed to balance the bright sky with the darker foregrounds. 

During post processing I removed minor dust spots and imperfection before making minimal adjustment to brightness, color saturation, contrast and sharpening the final photography image of Cape Cod Harborview Beach.     

Good light and happy photo making,


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