May 10, 2016

The Charm and Character of Flowers - Color, Form, Shape and Light

Lilies always make for great photography. Colors, forms and shapes are very unique. I photographed this Asiatic Lily in my own backyard. After a night and early morning full of drizzling rain I head outside to get in close with this tiny sensation. Equipped with my Canon 100mm F/2.8 macro lens I found a perspective that features all features of the flower and more importantly its character. 

Defining the Characters of Flowers is not an easy task. The color it shines in is one. Red symbolizes energy, danger, strength and power but also is associated with passion, desire and love. Yellow is the color of sunshine. It's connected with joy, happiness and energy. Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. Blue represents the opposite warm colors like red- orange and yellow. It is often associated with intelligence, faith, truth and heaven. It also has a calming effect and spreads the feeling of tranquility. Green represents the color of nature. It is often linked with the feelings of harmony, freshness and fertility. White suggests innocence, purity, and virginity. White is often considered the color of perfection. In addition lines, forms and shapes determine the Character of a Flower. A line from the bottom left to the upper right corner is considered positive, from bottom right to upper left corner negative. Vertical lines appear strong, solid and vital. A curved line has a converging character that is strongly conveyed by an arch leading from one point to another. Circles composed of a single, unbrkoen line represents wholeness and conveys a protecting character. Triangular shapes represent magic, creativity, strength and endurance while squared and rectangular ones indicate integrity, community stability and structure. The best was to add form and volume is by inserting elements in different planes of the photography image. The effective use of depth is important. In example positioning a blossom in the near for foreground dominates the photograph and thereby strength, power and dominance.

As with all Photography the effective use of light is an important attribute to showcase the flowers' character. Light can be dull and boring making the flower itself dull and boring. During the morning or evening golden hours flowers are transformed magically, especially when the floral blossom is lit from the side. The right light paints floral subjects beautifully and brings out their full texture, features and charm. 

There are many things to consider when discussing the charm and character of a flower but if one had to describe it in one sentence: The flower must immediately grabbing attention and keeping the viewers eye glued to it.

Try to apply the the above to my latest flower photography image Tiny Sensation and let me know what character it has. Thanks for listening, reading and sharing! 

Good light and happy photo making,


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