Jun 19, 2016

How to Create Spectacular Maine Acadia National Park Seascape Photography Images: Story Behind A New Day

Maine Acadia National Park at Sunrise

Maine has some of the most scenic seascape areas in New England. In particular Mount Desert Island including Acadia National Park is famous for its iconic coastal shorelines. During my last visit my location scouting resulted in some new and exciting photo locations in this national park. It amazes me that there is still so much to discover here although I come here so frequently to enjoy the solitude and Mother Earth at its best. This extended vista of Coastal Maine I had not seen before and figured sunrise would be very attractive here. I was so pumped about this location that I adventured out the very next day before dawn. Nature did not let me down and the outdoor experience was amazing and photo opportunities were endless. The sunrise was truly inspiring and spectacular. Clouds caught fire with the first light and the sun painted the rocky coastline in beautiful warm hues. 

In this particular Seascape Photography image I used an evergreen and the cliffs immediately in front of me to lead the viewer into the composition. The beautiful cliffs and colorful sky spectacle added the explanation point. 

Aperture in this coastal image was set to f/22 providing a long exposure time of 8 seconds at ISO100. During post processing I combined 3 different pictures in one HDR photography image, removed dust spots and made the necessary adjustments to re-create my outdoor experience this morning in the final Maine Acadia National Park Seascape Photography image.      

Good light and happy photo making!


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