Jun 9, 2016

Behind the Image of Blossoming Rhododendron

Rhododendron are in full bloom across New England and the powerful colors make for great close up Photography of Flowers. This one I discovered in my own garden. Most blossoms were blooming while the center one was still closed and about to open. A time laps would have been cool I suppose but instead I settled on a macro photography composition that highlights forms, shapes and colors of this floral. A vertical picture format allowed to include parts of a second blossom that falls out of focus making up a more attractive background. The aperture was set to f/11 providing an exposure time of 1/8 of a second at ISO200. a polarizing filter and a slight underexposure boosted color saturation and eliminated unwanted glare on the blossoms.

During post processing I removed minor dust spots and imperfection before making minimal adjustment to brightness, color saturation, contrast and sharpening the final photography image of Blossoming Flowers.

To my surprise  I forgot the Rhododendron's name and inquired on Facebook for identification. Ones the name came up I remembered immediately and felt like I should have known that one, shouldn't I?    

Good light and happy photo making,


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