Jun 23, 2016

Behind the Photography Image of Sunset at Echo Lake in Maine Acadia National Park

Sunset at Echo Lake in Maine Acadia National Park
Echo Lake in Maine Acadia National Park is located on Mount Desert Island- south of Somesville and just a short drive north of Southwest Harbor. The fresh water lake is shadowed by the soaring Beech Cliffs that rise vertically from the banks of the lake. Visiting the lake at sunset makes for a peaceful and calm outdoor experience. The views of the lake with the mountains is straight out of a magazine. I stopped here a couple of times but never captured the photography image I envisioned. On my last trip to Acadia National Park I was on my way to a different location but was running late and about to miss the magic light. I spontaneously decided to stop at this nature delight and take my chances. I knew about the rocks and figured it should make for great composition when effectively used as dominant foreground features that lead the viewer into the picture.  

Upon arrival I found my spot and set up tripod and camera. A wide angle lens provided the extensive view of the lake with surrounding mountains. In order to overcome the high contrast between dark foreground and bright sky I applied a Graduated Neutral Density Filter in the field. In addition a Neutral Density Filter lengthened the overall exposure to multiple seconds. Aperture setting was f/8, providing a long exposure value of 30 seconds at ISO400. 

Using photoshop I combine 3 photos with different exposure times into a final HDR Photography image. During post processing I removed image imperfections, adjusted lighting, color saturation and contrast before sharpening the final image of Echo Lake.

Good light and happy photo making!


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