Aug 19, 2015

Under the Boston Tobin We'll Be Havin' Some Fun

A few days ago I made my way over to one of the most iconic Landmarks of Boston; the Tobin Bridge in Chelsea, Massachusetts. This impressive landmark spans from Chelsea into Boston and the remarkable bridge architecture always fascinated me. I photographed the vital artery into Boston from many angles and locations but never from right beneath. This was about to change on this clear night. The experience was exhilarating and upon arrival I immediately made my way down to the banks of the Mystic River. Equipped with my widest lens to ensure I capture the entire structure in front of me and part of the Boston skyline I started firing away to close in on the optimal light  at twilight. Taking Long Exposure Photography images requires a tripod and using the camera self-timer to minimize camera shake and blurriness of pictures. The green color of the bridge with its light stands out beautifully against the turquoise color of the night sky. The bustling Boston city lights to the left under the bridge and the historic Bunker Hill Monument landmark add additional interest to the photograph.  

Aperture in both photograph was set to f/11 providing a 20 to 25 second shutter speeds at ISO100 and ISO200. As I enjoy the challenge of nailing exposure in the camera and field I minimized my routine post processing workflow to small adjustments in lighting, contrast, color saturation before removing dust spots and sharpening one of my latest Boston photos “Under the Boston Tobin”.

Good light and happy photo making!


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