Nov 5, 2014

Super Moon over Boston Phenomena

Post sunset is one of my favorite times to take Boston Skyline Photography images. I regularly head out and capture the remarkable city skyline at twilight on days that I am not occupied with nature photography. A few years back, on 19 March 2011, a stunning super moon was predicted over Boston. Clear skies and calm weather was in the weather forecast which made this astronomical phenomena one of the most anticipated events of the year. That night I head over to the banks of the Charles River on Memorial Drive which was already a mop scene upon my arrival. There were tons of spectators and photographers lining up to witness the show. The buzz was imminent. Once I found my spot and composed a frame filling composition of the Boston skyline, it was time to wait. 20 or 30 minutes into the wait the full moon suddenly rose over Beacon Hill. I remember looking into the opposite direction for a minute or two and when I turned left the moon in its full glory was on the move. It was spectacular and jaw dropping experience. I am glad I was ready and started capturing the scenery in multiple images. In order to overcome the contrast between skyline, twilight and moon I had two combine two photos, one exposed on the moon and the second metered on the skyline. In the old film days we used to do a double exposure and combined it in one print. Now-a-days cameras or photoshop take easily care of the same thing. 

The aperture for this Boston Skyline Photography image was set to f/7.1 resulting in a 4 second exposure time. The 4 seconds of shutter speed was sufficient to produce a nice blur of white traffic car headlines on the Mass Avenue Bridge. The moon was exposed at a f-stop of f/7.1 resulting in 1/100 seconds of an exposure time. In the post processing steps I removed dust spots, minimally adjusted lighting and color saturation before sharpening the image. 

The next super moon is predicted for November 14, 2016 - mark your calendars and make sure you not missing out on this Astronomical Spectacle!

Good light and happy photo making!

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