Nov 1, 2014

Boston Dark Nights

Capturing the Boston Skyline at various times of the day has become a top priority for me. I love the quietude of a early morning shoot when I have the city almost for myself. Late afternoon into twilight provide beautiful lighting and one can feel the energy of Boston and its people coming alive. Once the twilight has passed there is no need to pack up our gear. The nightlight provides the photographer with fabulous photo opportunities as well. I like how the dark sky makes the city lights and neon signs pop in front of it. Headlights and rear lights of moving cars commuting into Boston turn into white and red stripes respectively. Effectively used those lines make for great compositional elements that lead a viewer into and through a photography image. A solid tripod, manual focus, low ISO settings and utilizing camera self timer or a remote release device are essential for successful night photography of skylines. I discovered this new location a few weeks back and made a couple of trips there. It is amazing how Route 1 and the Tobin Bridge with its constant traffic lead into the city. The view also allows to capture iconic Landmarks of Boston such as the Bunker Hill Bridge, Prudential Center and the TD Bank North Garden.

Aperture in this photo was set to f/11 and at ISO 200 provided an exposure time of 15 seconds. During post processing I removed dust spots, adjusted lighting, contrast and color saturation before sharpening the final photograph The Dark Side of Boston.

Good light and happy photo making!

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