Nov 9, 2014

25 Years After the Berlin Wall Fell - Photos from the Historic Event

Today marks the 25 year anniversary after the Berlin fell. It's hard to believe that the Fall of the Berlin wall is 25 years ago. I was lucky to have lived in Berlin, Germany at the time and witness history. I remember lying in bed being half asleep when the radio news announced that the borders just opened and the people from East Germany were allowed to cross over to West Berlin. I thought I must have dreamed it and turned around keep on snoozing. It was that moment when I realized something different, weird was going on outside. 

The street outside my apartment was filled with a hyper buzz and most noticeable cars didn't sound normal. Cars were going toeff, toeff, toeff and when I opened the window I saw Trabants flitzing by. The unthinkable was repeated on the radio the news when I realized it was all for real. I went outside to the closest border checkpoint at Schlesisches Tor where east Germans were crossing over into west Berlin. Later on I made my way over to the famous Checkpoint Charlie in Kreuzberg where cars were able to cross over - it was an amazing night and the following days were incredible. 

The pictures here are only a snapshot of what was going on in November 1989. It would be pretty cool to reconnect with the Volkspolizist and the American lady that was being a Mauerpicker, chipping off parts of the Berlin wall.

Good light and happy photo making!

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  1. Amazing Juergen to have had this experience... it boggles my mind on so many levels...

  2. It was indeed quite something and I am glad I was there at the time and being part of this historic change. Something I will never forget and a story I share a few times a year when the topic comes up. Hope you had a great weekend! Juergen