Nov 23, 2014

Photo Tip - All About That Base

After purchasing a camera and lenses, a steady tripod is one of the next most important investments for a photographer. High quality photography images are rarely accomplished when a camera is hand held. A tripod is a must have photography gear for low light skyline, landscape or seascape photography during the early morning, late afternoon and evening. During twilight or night photography exposure times become even longer and it will be all about that base. It is a must for long exposure photography when creating silky water effects of brooks, rivers or waterfalls and it often comes in handy for shooting wildlife and macro photographs. It also is necessary when we experimenting with impressionistic or abstract photography and I like to use during intentional camera movement photography. 

The tripod not only steadies our camera gear for highest image quality, it also helps us to discover the world of photography. We are more likely to step back and slow down, think about the photo subjects and compose a more meaningful photograph. We most likely answer questions like is the horizon straight, is there sufficient depth of field, shall I close the aperture setting to maximize depth of field, are there any distracting elements in the foreground or background of my composition, do I even have a composition?

A tripod allows us to explore the ever changing light while setting up our photography gear for the best composition and patiently waiting for the optimal light. 


The tripod is like a third hand and it frees our hands to make last minute filter, camera or focal lens adjustments. This is a prescription ~ don't ditch your tripod! 

Good light and happy photo making! 

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