Aug 22, 2009

On Cape Cod

Next week I will be chasing the light on Cape Cod. Hopefully the light is cooperative and I will be able to capture the beauty that Cape Cod has to offer and that I love so much. I will be striving for scenic landscapes during sunrise and sunset, light houses, beaches, dunes, marshes, harbors and seascapes. A good amount of time will be spent in the meadows that are hopefully still in full bloom. One focus this year will be on abstract photography. On my last trip to Cape Cod I captured this impressionistic image while panning the camera during the exposure.

Panning is a photographic effect where the camera is rotated or moved in a horizontal direction. The camera can be hand-held or mounted on a tripod when performing the actual panning. I usually prefer using my tripod. The panning technique is usually achieved by freezing the subject in the same position of the frame for the duration of the exposure. The exposure time should be long enough to allow the static background to blur from the camera movement as you follow the subject in the viewfinder. In my case I moved the camera in the direction of the incoming rolling waves resulting in this abstract early morning seascape photograph.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful shot, thank you for sharing the technique on how you achieved it. I am looking forward to seeing your future Cape Cod images. I love the Cape.