Aug 11, 2009

In my Backyard

I am having quite some trouble getting up early these days and we all know early morning light is essential for great landscape photography. That's why I spent most of the summer focussing on my flower portfolio. I also started experimenting and creating abstract flower photographs. Just recently, on one of my runs through the neighborhood, I discovered some beautiful large black-eyed susans. Once back home I grabbed my gear and went back to my neighbor's garden. First I took a few portraits but then got into more abstract compositions. Usually I set up my tripod with the camera, then selected maximum aperture setting at 70-80mm. From here I started composing the image. I achieved the best result by focussing on one of the more interesting petal edges and then re-composing the image so that the center of the flower moved completely out of focus and into the upper left corner of the image.


  1. The can certainly be some great shots found in our backyards, I posted a similar blog a few days ago.

  2. Thanks for commenting Veronica! Happy weekend, Juergen