Aug 15, 2009

At Hall's Pond

Another example of beautiful flower photography at your door step. To get this shot I went to one of my favorite neighborhood spots, Hall's Pond Wildlife Sanctuary in Brookline, MA. The wildlife is amazing for a little pond in the middle of the city. Over the years I have captured some precious images there. I go regularly to explore the sanctuary, including its formal garden, where I composed this lily stamen close-up. While strolling the garden I was attracted by the greenish yellowish color of the lily. My goal was to have one of the stamens in focus and keep the others blurry. The lily petals were supposed to provide the background. In order to achieve this effect I set the camera aperture to maximum possible and zoomed all the way out to a 80mm lens setting. This combination provided me with the limited depth of field I was looking for. I snapped a series of photographs for optimal exposure and left only sharpening the image to post processing.

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